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Welcome to The 420 Cannabis Models

♥ The 420 Cannabis Models are your #1 source for REAL, TOP Marijuana Models and the finest marijuana women on the Internet.

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Every Month Members can vote for the Model of the Month ( MOTH ) Join Free Today, Vote, and Interact with your Favorite Marijuana Model.

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♥ 420 Cannabis Model items coming Soon ! Show your support as each 420 cannabis Model receives a % of every item sold!

♥ Welcome to 420 Cannabis Models ♥

We are The 420 Cannabis Models, Top Marijuana Models

♥ Advocating for the " Same cause " the legalization of Marijuana. The 420 Cannabis Models are here to help spread the word about the positive sides of medical marijuana and show the beautiful women who use it. Top Marijuana Models don't just stop here, they have the opportunity to further Advance their modeling career's as well. - It's ALL about THEM! ♥♥ Read more

11 of January, 2014

Miss Stoner Jesus 2014 Contest

Can you be Miss Stoner Jesus 2014? Are you a 420 Cannabis model? Prizes and more ! When: Starts Jan 14th 2014 to end of Feb. 2014 .

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6 of January, 2014

How to Become a Top Model

The question is a little like asking "how long is a piece of string?" There are so many variables that it is difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer

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4 of January, 2014

Marijuana Strain Reviews

Marijuana Strain reviews - New strain reviews now on The 420 cannabis models. Strains from around the world! .

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15 of August, 2013

Marijuana Model Interviews

Chat with your Favorite Marijuana Model of the Month. Each ( MMOTH ) winners will Air Live on Kentucky Weed Radio and the Stoner Jesus Show .

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15 of March, 2013

Modeling Tips Basics

Our top modeling tips that every model should know 1. modeling is a business, and as a model, you are your own business! Like any business, it takes time, effort, commitment, and patience to become a successful model. Remember that success does not happen over night.

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15 of February, 2013

Modeling Go Pro

At The 420 Cannabis models we want our models to go far, not only do we post everywhere about them, we also add articles to help them research their next steps to make it big!

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♥ Become a 420 Cannabis Model♥ – Top Marijuana Model

Marijuana Model- VEE Sweetness

Ready to Become a on-line Marijuana Model, Come Join the family and Become the " Best of the Best" - Become a 420 Cannabis Model Today!

Don't Just become an average on-line marijuana Model on any site that is not going places or there to serve YOU the Marijuana Model, Join the Elite, Become a TOP Marijuana Model, become a " 420 Cannabis Model" Today !

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“A big thanks is in order to organizations like the 420 Cannabis Models, for continuing to bring to the forefront Our battle for Our Freedom to live as We see fit, and for doing it in style. Keep up the good work!”
We are now in an important new era in our industry, the 420 Cannabis Models helps put a new face on who, what, and why the constant message must be sent, seen and heard ! And some just look better doing it !  Nice Jobs Girls, many thanks to you all !
The420CannabisModels: “There is nothing hotter than a smart, beautiful woman who stands up for her rights. If that’s you, then The420CannabisModels is the place for you to make your voice heard!”
Stoner Jesus , stonerjesus.net
420 Cannabis Models is shaping up to be the best marijuana model site on the web. Their growing list of sexy smokers is sure to be a “hit” in the MJ community. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a beautiful woman… except one who partakes of the great herb. I can’t wait to see the next model!
Bud S. Moker, Th.C. , www.SmokingWithStyle.com
Very, Very Nice! Amazing to see an entire Industry group together and take a stand on prohibition. We look forward to working with this site and possibly the cannabis models as well. Keep up the great work, the site and the girls look Amazing!
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